Alarm Clock Ultra Brings Power-User Features To A Beautiful Alarm Clock App

Android: Alarm clock apps are typically bare-bones affairs, but Alarm Clock Ultra manages to pack in a shocking number of features into a beautifully packaged Android app.

Each alarm you create comes with a huge array of customisation options. You can gradually increase the intensity of your chosen alarm sound, limit the number of times you can hit snooze, and even force yourself to solve maths problems or puzzles to shut it off in the morning. Other features include a quick-start nap mode that lets you set a napping alarm with one tap, a built-in egg timer for boiling a perfect egg, and a news ticker that previews your overnight social network notifications as you wake up.

Most features are available in an ad-supported free version, but $3 gets rid of the ads and unlocks the whole app.

Alarm Clock Ultra [Google Play Store Via AddictiveTips]


    Thanks for this, my morning alarm is a bit jarring.

    Looks like a nice app but could be a little too much going on there eh? it is nice advert though

    First app I ever bought for my phone was an alarm app called Alarm Clock Xtreme, and although it may have the dodgiest sounding name ever, it it yet to let me down.

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