WinPlusX Gives You Super Quick Access To Windows' More Hidden, Advanced Programs

Windows only: If you're a Windows tweak addict, you probably use tools like the Registry, Computer Management, Disk Management and Power Options often — apps that are extremely useful but don't always have obvious or quick shortcuts in the Start Menu. WinPlusX puts them one keyboard shortcut away.

WinplusX is actually a clone of a cool Windows 8 feature, which gives power users quicker access to the tools they love but aren't very prominent in Windows' menus — especially not the Metro menus. It's simple, portable, and gives you access to lots of advanced Windows utilities in one keystroke. You can either press Win+X to access the menu (a shortcut previously used for the Mobility Center), or right-click on the Start Menu to bring it up. You can also add or remove any shortcuts you want to the list, which makes it all the more powerful. It can be a little buggy at times, but for how simple its functionality is, it can still do the job just fine.

WinPlusX is a free download for Windows XP and up. If you're on Windows 7 and want something a tad different, you can also check out these registry tweaks that will put the Win+X menu in your desktop context menu.

WinPlusX [DeviantART via Tweaking with Vishal]


    not sure if just me.... or not installing for everybody =/

    Or you could just hit the Windows key and type "Disk Ma" and that will bring up Disk Manager, the same goes for the rest too

      years of XP/2k3 support has forced the program names into muscle memory - diskmgmt.msc, eventvwr.msc, msconfig, etc.
      I wish I'd started on win7. I wouldn't have had to waste all that brainpower.

    I have been using God Mode for sometime and find it easy to use for a similar purpose. Google for instructions (one at the top was,9345.html)

    What is this theme I see in all the screenshots posted recently?

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