Whitespace Remover For Google+ Cleans Up The New Layout On Chrome And Firefox

The new Google+ layout is pretty nice, but if you're looking at it on a widescreen monitor it adds a lot of whitespace. If you'd like to cut down on that whitespace and centre everything, Whitespace Remover for Google Plus is a Chrome and Firefox extension that does just that.

Whitespace Remover doesn't overhaul or change the layout much. By default, Google+ has the navigation bar and stream on the left and leaves a ton of whitespace on the right. Whitespace Remover centres everything and adds a grey box around it all. Doing so cuts down on the brightness and makes it easier to look at on a widescreen monitor.

Whitespace Remover for Google Plus for Chrome and Firefox [via Ghacks]


    Here is another option called "Balanced Google+" which centers the stream content on the page.


    So you remove whitespace to gain grey space???

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