What Travel Destinations Offer The Best Bang For Your Aussie Buck?

The strong Australian dollar makes overseas travel very appealing right now, but which destinations have seen the biggest improvement? A ranking of how much the Australian dollar has gained since April 2009 by OzForex suggests that it's a very close-run battle between Europe and the USA.

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Over that time period, the Australian dollar has gained 43 per cent relative to the Euro, and 42 per cent relative to the US dollar. Of course, gains are only one part of the story; the Thai baht has gained 24 per cent, and since Thailand was already a relatively affordable destination, that makes it especially good value.

While currency gains can be helpful, they shouldn't be the only reason to plan a holiday. That said, buying up currency at an advantageous moment once you do have a trip scheduled makes sense. (Unsurprisingly, that's an option offered by the OzForex prepaid travel card we reported on earlier in the week.)


    24% increase vs the Baht, eh? How about trying a much cheaper country to begin with, one where the people are friendlier and less tourist jaded, and... we've more like a 65% gain? http://www.exchangerate.com/currency-charts/AUD/VND/from/January-01-2009/to/April-26-2012 Plus the currency has a funny name. Ha!

      Most of that is probably due to inflation in Vietnam. Even still, I'll agree that it's a fantastic destination.

        On my last visit to Vietnam my parents were afraid that I was going to get mugged. But with a 10 man security team(my cousins) going with you ever where its really safe, cheap and fun. A meal for 10 people cost equal to 1 person in Australia. Shopping was horrible though. They inflate the price heaps if they know you are a tourist so I always showed my cousins what I wanted and gave them the money to buy it for me.(4x the price) Ordering 30 pearl tea drinks for home was hilarious because they always though we were joking and it only cost $5!!!! AWESOME DESTINATION

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