What Skills Do You Always Wish You Had And Just Haven't Found The Time To Learn?

It's not like we're unskilled, but most of us wish we'd picked up the guitar or become fluent in French at some point in our lives. What skill have you always wanted to learn but just never found the time? We want to know.

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Mine are too long to list. I want to learn to speak several languages, write code in others, play a couple of different instruments and a lot more. There are so many great skills to learn and hardly enough time. Nonetheless, I always try to improve a skill or learn part of a new one a little bit each day. It's a slow road, but it's always good to be growing. What do you want to learn or have you learnt recently? If you've found any good methods for picking up your new skill, please share those in the comments as well.


    Handstand pushups.

    I've always wanted to learn to surf. Particularly acute when my 7 year old daughter decided she wanted to learn for Christmas last year. (No, we couldn't afford for me to learn also, kids get a special cheap deal). One day, when we have a second income coming in, I'll learn.

    I would like to be able to draw.

    I always wanted to be able to coordinate my fingers/hands/legs properly. My whole life I have been envious of my friends playing DDR at the arcade. And this still haunts me because I can't play musical instruments. My hands and fingers cannot follow brains order fast enough, be it on piano, drums or guitar. Just can't do it. My rant is over.

      Try some slow coordinated activities like origami or knitting, stuff you can practice quietly and away from the gaze of others. Youtube videos make learning some of the fiddlier techniques soooo much easier.

    Learn Guitar - I sing and would love to accompany myself, but the only time I can practice is at home after work, when there's a family to put to bed... and then not disturb once they're there.

      Me too. I envy those who can play instruments other than vocal chords...

      Just get en electric and plug heaphones into the amp... Its alot easier to learn on electric and the chords are the same as acustic :)

    Draw accurately so things look like themselves
    Sing (but suspect missing essential capacity to be in tune)
    Deal with idiots - strategies other than avoidance

    I always wanted to learn to play the Violin for my wife as a a suprise.

    Hmm.. I'd like to learn how to cough and not fart at the same time.

    I've always been more of a creative person with a career in acting and studying film-making, so I recently started learning guitar so I could play with my dad who plays professionally. I find that the key to learning a new skill is to understand your motivation and then to remind yourself of it constantly. That's not just new skills obviously, sharpening old tools still has to have purpose.

    I'd like to learn particle physics in great detail (well the theories anyway)

      Bro, go buy (or "aquire"...ahem) Stephen Hawkings' A Brief History of Time.

      Great start, then to be honest, Wiki is your friend

    I've been dreaming to have a chance to play violin, since i was in elementary school! my family keep laughing at me whenever i said i want to play violin... i wish i could turn back the time....i would be famous violinist!

    I recently started learning French and the guitar. I'm so mainstream...

    A second language, Martial arts, Wine making

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