What Dev Communities Do You Use For Help?

We know plenty of Lifehacker readers are interested in coding, and many of you work as developers for a living. Whatever your level of expertise, the fastest way to solve developer problems is often by turning to online communities for advice. Which ones do you find the most useful?

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Obviously sometimes the best solution is a product-specific forum, like the various forums at MSDN or Apple. At other times, a broader community like Whirlpool's programming forum can be more useful.

Which communities do you find yourself turning to most often? We'd love to hear about your most useful resources in the comments.


    StackExchange sites. Primarily Stack Overflow.

    It's very rare to have a question that hasn't been addressed already on this site.

      Seconded. Stackoverflow is the most consistently useful.

      I usually find what I'm looking for on Stack Overflow, or if not, then nobody at all has had the same problem as me and I have to nut it out myself :)

      StackOverflow. Incredibly helpful and the bounty option has in the past helped find a solution to a sticky problem.

    I generally don't need help unless I am getting a strange error message coming from a Java library. When I run into those errors I just Google for the error message to see if someone else had the problem. In one case, I found a thread with heaps of people asking about an error, no one had posted the solution (either that or they couldn't work it out). So when I worked out the solution I joined the forum and posted the solution up to help the next 1000 people who do what I do ;-)

    I tend to just use Google when I have a problem, and more often than not Stack Overflow contains the answer.

    anything but "Expert" Exchange

      You mean ExpertSexchange?

      Stackoverflow (usually via google) or the relevant IRC channel usually work for me =)

    Bing and Yahoo! Answers.


    "Expert Exchange" is crap, the knowledge on it is like 1% of what's found on Stack Overflow

    IRC is always good

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