Vodafone's New Plans Come With Infinite TXTs

I was never much one for sending lots of texts, but I know I'm very much in a minority on that score. If you do spend a lot of money on SMS messages, Vodafone's latest offer may appeal. Vodafone's offering the Infinite TXT plans in three flavours; $39 straight on either a 12 or 24 month plan scores you $300 of plan "value" (always a slightly rubbery term) for standard and international calls and MMS and 500MB of data with a choice of smartphones; the example given is the Galaxy S II. Bump that to $79 and you'll get $750 of "value", 1.5GB of data and an HTC One X. Finally, for the bring your own phone SIM-only crowd, a $30 plan with $300 of value and 500MB of data.

All three plans have as the central hook infinite text messages both nationally and internationally, and come with Vodafone's Network Guarantee, which essentially means if they don't work in the first 30 days, Vodafone promises it'll make it easy to back out of the contract, paying only for the bits you've actually been able to use. [Vodafone]


    Well damn. I just bought a Galaxy S II plan from Vodafone not last month! This bites x_x

      ^ lol this guy you should have said well damn I've joined vodafail

      worst phone company ever can't wait for end of contract maybe testra will allow me to use my data instead of dropping out every 5 mins or less

        Voda still isnt as bad as 3 (despite being kinda the same company), my mum who hardly ever uses any data somehow got a $270 phone bill over easter, possibly because of the Nexus S Android ICS update, got a $100 credit but still a crazy bill, so she is going to be canceling 3 at end of contract (thats what she gets for not listening to me on phone providers) on top of the worse reception than vodaphone.

    Eh, $30 of prepaid still lasts me several months.

    Great Vodafone, adding infinite text, how about you I dunno add coverage so I can use my phone in my house or don't charge me $50 dollar extra and say that the usage "doesn't appear on our systems". and yes the wait times on hold for support are infinite.

    Yeah, this would be all very well if you could actually get reception anywhere to use these infinite texts.

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