Viva Flip Case Is A Stand-Up Phone Holder

Phone cases make sense because they prevent your phone from being scratched or damaged. What I really like about the Viva Flip Case is that it also acts as a stand for my phone, making it much more useful in its frequent on-the-road role as a bedside alarm clock.

My existing BlackBerry Torch case has served me well, but age has taken its toll: it's now filthy and cracked inside, as you can see from the photo below.

As a replacement, the Viva Flip is doing very nicely. It also serves as a standard closed case, but it's the ability to use as a stand that really sets it apart.

There are similar models available for iPhone and some Samsung Android models, priced from $39.95. Definitely handy if you're a traveller.

Viva Creation (Australian stockist information here)


    Why give a link that has no information whatsoever about the product you're advertising/reviewing?

    Is this post a joke?

    That link just trolled me so hard.

    Worst.... article... EVER!

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