Virgin Expands Data On Contract Mobile Broadband

Virgin Mobile has increased the data allowance on its contract (postpaid) mobile broadband plans. The improvements are welcome, and somewhat surprisingly they also apply to existing contract customers.

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Here's a summary of the old and new contract offers, all of which run for 12 months:

You can choose between a dongle or a Wi-Fi hotspot on all plans $29 or above; on the $19 plan, you have to pay an extra $7 a month to get the hotspot. Given the difference, it would be tempting to pay $29 a month and get more than twice as much data, though not doubt that's exactly the way Virgin Mobile wants you to think. The previous $49 for 12GB plan has been dropped.

Update: When I first contacted Virgin Mobile this morning, I was told the new prices were for new customers only. However, it turns out that the changes will in fact be applied to existing customers as well. Customers will be automatically rolled over "in the coming months", but if you want to speed up the process you can call 1300 555 100 and have the change applied the same day.

At this writing, the site is still showing the old prices, but it should be updated soon given that the press release has gone out.

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    Hell yeah! Already ran out of my 10GB, so I'm ringing up today. Thank you lifehacker.

    Thanks! I was on the 4gb/month plan, but now that I am home each day with my baby I was looking at needing to go up in data allowance (at a cost of $10/month). I just called them and sorted it out now, the guy on the other end was really friendly and helpful too

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