Use Bluetooth To Automatically Turn Off Your Electronics When You Leave The Room

There are a lot of great ways to cut down on your energy bill, but DIYer Mike found an even better, automated way: he's set up his electrical socket to turn off when he leaves the room.

Mike originally set up a Linux desktop to control the electricity in that room with a bit of electronics tweaking and some code, but he soon realised he could make it even better by hooking it up to a Bluetooth receiver. Now, whenever he exits the room (with his Bluetooth-enabled phone in his pocket), the computer will detect that it is out of range and turn off the socket connected to his lights, monitors and other electronics. Hit the link to see how he did it.

Controlling the Mains with Bluetooth Proximity [Products of Mike's Mind via Hack a Day]


    "(with his Bluetooth-enabled phone in his pocket)"
    Save on power. Increase the size of your balls tenfold.

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