Use A Nutella Lid As A Nikon Lens Cap

If you've lost a 72mm lens cap Flickr user Frans Leys advises that you can use a lid from a 220g jar of Nutella; it's a perfect fit.

What other random objects have you used for camera lens covers? Let us know in the comments below.

18-200 mm Nikon VR lens cap [Flickr via Reddit]


    Nutino is the same thing for a better unit price and the lid also fits cat food cans better than cat foodcan lids bought for the purpose.

    Or just go on eBay and buy a $1 replacement lens cap.

      god, why is there ALWAYS one?! It's lifehacker, buddy. Do you not get it?!

    It's not really a lens cover, but I do a lot of time lapse storm photography, and I use a clear zip lock plastic bag pulled taught over the lens held in place by a rubber band to make a fairly water proof camera.

    Mind you I only use this technique with my cheapy IXUS 60 not my DSLRs.

    ugly as hell

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