Use A Muffin Tin To Portion Out Ice Cream

Muffin tins are great for lots of things, not just making muffins. The folks at America's Test Kitchen have one more use for them that we love: pop in your muffin papers and serve out single scoops of ice cream into each cup before covering them with wrap and putting them in the freezer. This way you have quick, single-scoops of ice cream ready to go when you want one, without waiting for a whole tub of ice cream to warm up enough to scoop some out.

We've talked about using muffin tins to make taco bowls, make cookie cups and store stock, but this trick hits that instant gratification spot when it's warm outside and some ice cream would hit the spot. When you want a scoop, just take a liner out of the tin, cover it back over and put the ice cream into a bowl. No scooping, no fuss, no waiting.

Before you cry "this is why people are fat", you might also consider using this tip to manage portions of ice cream — when you only have six scoops in one container, it's easier to go and eat one scoop at a time, instead of serve a lot of ice cream out of a large container just because you've been waiting for it to get soft enough to scoop. What do you think? Handy for portion control, or a solution looking for a problem? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

3 marvellous Muffin Tin Tips [America's Test Kitchen]


    solution looking for a problem!
    if your ice cream is to hard to scoop out of the freezer, you've probably set your freezer to cold. your probably using more electricity to keep it frozen that cold too.
    also this idea does nothing to solve the initial problem of the ice cream being to hard to scoop out. if it's to hard to scoop is to hard to eat.
    muffin trays take a lot more space in your freezer too.

    ice block have portion control & a stick to eat it with! ( takes up less space than a muffin try and takes no time to prepare)

      I agree: this is a solution looking for a problem.
      I don't think I've ever thought to myself: "Man, this ice-cream is too hard to scoop out! What could I do to stop this from happening?!"
      I mean, I'm a pretty pedantic person (and a perfectionist), but I don't know anyone that would actually consider doing this.

    Yer.. not bashing the idea or the article (by itself) as such.. but I'm kinda getting sick/bored of these "new" ideas of re-purposing ice-cube and muffin trays for single serve portion storage. Surely a single article would cover every conceivable portion of every conveicable thing?

    It's the same idea with a different food. It's just not "new" even with a different food, is what I am saying.

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