The Space Station Workspace

Today's featured workspace comes from Lifehacker reader and Flickr user Carolina di Paola, and it appears to be an audiophile setup from the future. All the glossy white and minimalist design emphasises the fancy knobs and dials on the technology in the background.

Overall, it's a very cool way to allow the focus go to the technology — where the work's actually getting done.

New Keyboard [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


    Beats by Dre...audiophile..??

      Exactly what I came here to say. More LH ignorance.

    Think of the scratches that will get on the desk

    Maybe in this glossy white, minimalist future, Beats will actually become audiophile worthy cans?

      I doubt it.......... ;-)

    The Yamaha HS50M's are somewhat audiophile, but the beats are a horrific purchase for anyone who appreciates good sound.

    Also anyone know the model of audio controller, curious to see some specs

    The future is a weird place, perhaps Beyerdyanamic, AKG, Shure, Alessandro and Audio Technica (and other good brands) wiped each other out in some sort of audiophile war.

    It's a Lexicon I-O 22 -

    It's a nice series of interfaces, but 'fancy' and 'audiophile' wouldn't exactly come to mind.

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