Swipebright For iOS Makes Your Brightness Slider Available Anywhere

iOS (Jailbroken) The iPhone's automatic brightness feature isn't great, and the brightness slider is hidden away inside the settings menu, making it a pain to get to in a hurry. If you're sick of being blinded by your phone in the morning or not being able to see a thing in the sun, then Swipebright is a simple toggle for jailbroken iPhones that makes brightness easy to adjust anywhere.

Instead of requiring you to hop into the settings menu to adjust your brightness all the time, Swipebright allows you to swipe your finger horizontally across the status bar to change the brightness. You can do this from the home screen or when you're in an app. It's a simple tweak, but it's incredibly useful for when you're using your phone in a dark room or out in the sunlight. It's a 99c download and can be found by searching for Swipebright in the Big Boss repository.

Swipebright [Big Boss Repository via Redmond Pie]


    would recommend, however you need to change SBSettings in activator, try HOLD status bar for SBSETTINGS

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