Store Dishes In Drawers With Pegboards And Wooden Dowels

If you don't have enough cabinet space, or you just like to do things differently, Better Homes and Gardens shows you how to create a custom dinnerware storage drawer using pegboards and wooden dowels.

All you need to do is cut the pegboard to fit your drawer, paint the pegboard, if you like, and experiment with dowels to find the right layout. If you have an unused drawer near your sink or dishwasher, you could increase your efficiency with dishes nicely by using this technique.

In my case, I like this modification to keep everyday and children's dinnerware handy so my kids can grab a plate or bowl when needed.

Store Dishes Down Low [Better Homes and Gardens via The Apron]


    I am sorry but this is entirely useless. Your dishes can be stacked and positioned in exactly the same way without those dowels. They only create inflexibility should you wish to change the layout.

      The dowels aren't glued in, they just act as a guide for the best arrangement, I think its a good idea, might try it if I had free drawer space

      Yeah but this just solves the problem keeping plates and stuff in place in my new caravan... priceless!!!

    Umm if you don't have any space in the first place how is this going to work?

    Scientists are now saying that once you place the first/bottom piece of china, the others will "stack" on top vertically, making the pegs redundant.

    And if you didnt insert the pegboard, you could fit one more of eat item on each stack.

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