Speed Up Ketchup Flow With A Drinking Straw

Do your chips go cold while waiting for the ketchup to come out of the glass bottle at some restaurants? You can force some air into the bottle and speed the pouring process by using a drinking straw.

Photo by Ingrid Taylar Hints and Tips weblog FunAdvice recommends inserting a drinking straw into the ketchup bottle, pumping it up and down a few times, and then removing the straw. The extra air you just added should make the ketchup pour at a faster speed.

A drinking straw speeds up sluggish ketchup [FunAdvice]


    Tomato sauce, ketchup (no, they are not the same things) etc demonstrate thixotropic characteristics. The best way to get them out of a bottle is to shake it. This lowers the viscosity temporarily and makes pouring easier.

      Yes, they are the same thing.

        No, they are not. Don't believe everything you read in the US centric Wikipedia.
        Ketchup has vinaigrette and sugar in it. True tomato sauce has neither. However, some makers would prefer you to think they are the same to blur the line and make globalisation of their product set easier.

    As my mum says:
    What a wonderful thing is the tomato sauce bottle.
    First none'll come - and then a lot'll.

      Your mum makes boring observations.

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