Speed Up Dropbox's File Syncing With A Simple Tweak

File-syncing service Dropbox is magical — even if it's got a fresh new competitor. It syncs files between your computers and the web hassle-free... except when the file's taking too long to sync. If you've ever stared impatiently at Dropbox, waiting for a file to sync, there's likely an easy solution.

By default, Dropbox automatically limits your file upload speeds, presumably to avoid eating up too much of your bandwidth at one time. That's nice of them, but the automatic upload rate wasn't running nearly as fast as I'd wanted, which meant large files were taking forever to sync. The fix is simple:

On Windows, Click Dropbox in the system tray, then Preferences > Bandwidth; on Mac, click Dropbox in the menu bar, then Preferences > Network > Bandwidth > Change Settings. Once there, change your Upload rate to "Don't limit", or if you're familiar with your network's upload bandwidth and want to exercise a little more control, pick an upload limit that you're comfortable with in the Limit to field.

You can likewise tweak your download speeds if you so please. It's a small, simple tweak, but if you've been unhappy with your Dropbox syncing speed, it could make all the difference.


    Thanks! This hopefully solves the reason I did a Google search for "dropbox takes forever" which led to this tip!

    Yeah, well I've done this simple tweak to speed things up - and it's still taking forever....Admittedly it's a 9.6gb video file - but I kicked this off around 09.00 this morning... and twelve hours later, DropBox tells me that I've got to wait another 15 hours before synchronisation.. That's 27 hours.... 27 hours past the time I had this finished to put into someone else's hands - when I could just have driven fifteen miles and put it into their hands on a pendrive. I thought dropboxes were supposed to avoid all this interminable time flying through the ether, and clogging up machinery. Digital media so sucks in so many ways....!

    I'm trying to do this, but Dropbox *isn't* in my tray.....can't find a way to get to where I need to be and its been over 45 minutes to download a 63 second video!! Ugh! And yes, I agree....electronics, though handy...are a pain in the arse

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