Some Important Lifehacker Pre-Easter News

I've spent the day counting down the hours until the Easter break. Before we all gorge ourselves on chocolate/fish/sleep-ins/religious ritual/whatever takes your fancy, a few important housekeeping announcements.

Picture by Paul Downey

  • Lifehacker will continue posting US and local stories across the Easter weekend, with our ever-capable weekend editor Logan Booker at the helm. Yay Logan!
  • I'm taking holidays next week. Once again, Anthony Caruana will be filling in for me, keeping the local stories flowing and bringing a fresh new perspective to the site. Yay Anthony!
  • And the biggest news of all: our awesome night editor Elly Hart is moving to Canada. The bad news is that means I don't get to see her smiling face in the office every day. The good news is that she's going to keep doing her job, sorting through the US posts, curating daily app deals and writing great stories for us (including a new series on the challenges involved in moving overseas to work). I'm thrilled we get to keep her, but we're all going to miss her. Yay Elly!

Have a great Easter break everyone.


    Well, have fun on holidays Angus and have fun in Canada Elly!

    I think the series on the challenges involved in moving overseas to work is a really good idea for LH. I look forward to it!

    I imagine it will probably a lot easier to be a night editor when it's not night in your timezone ;)

    Canada? Well, I guess to same extent it makes sense, she can do her night job as a day job now.

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