Solve Common Cooking Mistakes With These Recipe 'Wheels Of Misfortune'

According to America's Test Kitchen, most cooking problems start from one of three small mistakes: inaccurate measurements, careless ingredient substitution or poor ingredient preparation. To help you avoid those problems and become better cooks, the school created these illustrations explaining the mistakes and solutions.

For each common cooking mistake, America's Test Kitchen describes how the mistake applies to a different ingredient. For example, careless ingredient substitution is a common problem with salt, dairy, sugar and herbs. Read across each quadrant to see how recipes are affected and how to solve the problem (for example, use half as much table salt as you would kosher salt to avoid making food tasting too salty).

Here are all three "Recipe Roulette" images (click to expand or right-click to save):

There are lots of other common cooking mistakes that many people make, of course, but this infographic sums up three basic ones pretty comprehensively.

Recipe Roulette [America's Test Kitchen via]


    You know that flour one could be easily solve if they actually started measuring solids by mass instead of volume. The idea of using a "cup" of anything is just wrong. It only works for liquids where you know the liquid will fill 100% of the volume of the receptacle (or close enough to). Anything non-liquid (eg, flour, rolled oats, pasta) should be measured by mass.

      This, this, a thousand times THIS. Volume measurements are meaningless for most ingredients, I have no idea why we're still using them.

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