Show Off The Left Side Of Your Face For Better, More Emotive Pictures

Show Off The Left Side Of Your Face For Better, More Emotive Pictures

Just about everyone has heard that it’s a good idea to find your “good side” to help you take better pictures. A new study published in Experimental Brain Research suggests that your good side is probably your left side.

Photo by Ann Larie Valentine.

The reasoning has nothing to do with a part in your hair or any minor imperfections, it’s actually more about how the brain perceives emotion. The authors of the study explain:

Our results suggest that posers’ left cheeks tend to exhibit a greater intensity of emotion, which observers find more aesthetically pleasing. Our findings provide support for a number of concepts — the notions of lateralized emotion and right hemispheric dominance with the right side of the brain controlling the left side of the face during emotional expression.

Basically the left side of your profile is more likely to show intense and active emotional expression. This makes you more attractive and in turn makes for better pictures. Now that you can stop worrying about which side your best, you can start practising squinting with your chin sticking out and playing around with other tricks.


  • Just be sure to be happy. Having a photo taken immediately after finding out your partner is cheating on you, or whilst spewing rainbows, or having spaghetti falling from your pockets may simply be amplified by ill feelings.

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