Revive Stale Bread With Ice Cubes

Your bread has started down that inevitable path of turning into a brick only good for (maybe) making croutons. It might not be too late to save your stale bread, though. All you might need is an ice cube and a quick pop in the oven.

In its collection of unusual baking and kitchen tips, Real Simple suggests rubbing an ice cube on unsliced bread until the crust is damp. Then put that roll or loaf in the oven for 12 minutes at 190°C and voila! It's almost like freshly baked bread.

Other alternatives include the aluminum foil-wrapping method (basically, the same method, minus the ice cube trick but wrapping the bread in foil), zapping the bread in the microwave (moisture seems to be key here too, with a damp towel used to cover the bread), and using celery to refresh stale bread (a food hack if there ever was one).

And to get your bread to stay fresher about six times longer in the first place, store it on the counter, not in the fridge.

Ice Cubes as Bread Fresheners [Real Simple]


    Dont need ice cubes. Just run the tap and rotate loaf quickly to wet outside. Then pop in the oven. Very old restraurant trick.

    Can you put aluminium foil in the microwave?

      They are three distinct methods, not a single method with three steps.

    If you can't afford fresh bread, and you are a regular on lifehacker, then clearly you are not putting any of the content here into practise. Cancel your internet and go buy a fresh loaf.

      Once again, entirely missing the concept of Lifehacker, Kendal.

      Perhaps someone who can afford fresh bread, but doesn't have any in the house, would find this quicker than going to the shops? Get your head out of your butt.

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