Repurpose Wooden Pallets Into A Potting Bench

Potting benches are great because they give you a place to pot new plants without having to worry about getting dirty. They also keep your tools handy and give you a standing desk for your laptop when you want to work outside. They can be expensive to buy, but here's a plan that uses wooden pallets for most of the materials.

Better Homes and Garden magazine's site provides the step-by-step photos and instructions. In addition to one or two pallets, you'll also need a hammer, measuring tape, a saw, cordless drill and a pry bar to easily disassemble the pallets, as well as screws, sandpaper, and paint or stain.

First you'll disassemble the pallets using a pry bar or a claw hammer. If the entire pallet comes apart without any split boards and the wood is in decent shape, you'll only need one pallet. Then you'll want to place all of your boards together and use a straight edge and saw to cut them to a uniform length. Now you'll just build the bench in parts starting with the legs, the skirts, the countertop, and the bottom and top shelves. Install the braces, sand the rough spots out, and paint or stain the bench, and you're finished!

This is a great project for beginning woodworkers as it requires no expensive materials and uses tools you probably already have on hand. If you have a lot of free time, you could probably build a lot of these and sell them for a little profit.

Make Your Own Potting Bench [Better Homes and Garden]


    A piece of extra advice on this one: Look for older pellets. I tried to do something very similar to this a few months ago in an attempt to make a raised planter. I found new pellets were nailed together soooo tight that it was very hard to get the timber off in one piece. A short handle pry bar and a reasonable amount of patience is a must. Good luck.

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