Press J And L To Skip 12 Seconds Back And Forward In YouTube Videos

We've always known you can press spacebar to play and pause a YouTube video, or jump to certain points with the number keys. You can also use J, K, and L, as Back, Pause and Forward buttons.

Pressing K does the same thing as spacebar: it pauses or plays the video. However, the two keys on either side of it, J and L, act as Previous and Next buttons, respectively, just like a regular remote control. Pressing J will take you 12 seconds back in the video, and pressing L will take you 12 seconds forward. Just another handy little shortcut for kicking back with YouTube videos, no mouse necessary.

LPT: While on a YouTube video, hit 'K' to play/pause the video [Reddit]

Image: Luke Jones.


    so why 12 seconds and not 10...?

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