Podio Makes Managing Multiple Group Projects Free And Easy

One of the biggest problems with project management software is that it can be difficult to get everybody using it in the same way. Podio is a free web app that makes managing your projects a little less like slogging through pages of updates and more like updating Facebook.

Podio is free for individual users and groups of up to five people at a time, which makes it perfect for small projects. Once you're set up and logged in, you can build as many workspaces for as many projects as you like. Each project workspace has room to store documents and as many mini "apps" as you'd like in your workspace. Those apps can be selected from Podio's built-in options, like a calendar, social feed and document store, or you can build your own custom ones if you have specific needs. In addition to the Podio web app, there are also Android and iOS apps you can use to update and stay updated on your projects when you're away from your desk.

The service feels distinctly business-oriented when you take a first glance, but it's flexible for individual users as well, like volunteers looking to organise their school's P&C, or freelancers who want to give their clients updates on their progress in a single, consolidated place. Additionally, Podio announced today that it supports Dropbox integration, so free users with limited document storage can leverage their Dropbox accounts to share and store documents for their teams or clients to see.

Podio's greatest strength is its flexibility — you can customise and tweak your workspaces to fit the projects you're working on or the people you're working with, and you can manage as many or as few as you like from inside. Have you tried Podio? Prefer an alternative service for managing small groups? Let us know in the comments below.



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