Parents Still Clueless About What Their Kids Do Online

OK, most parents now realise that they need to have some kind of idea of what their kids get up to while they're using the Internet. But a recent survey of 4,400 parents worldwide found that while nearly half of them tracked their teenage children's activity on Facebook, many don't have a clear idea of what other potentially nefarious activities their offspring are indulging in.

The survey, part of security company AVG's Digital Diaries research project, highlights the differences in attitudes in 11 countries around the world. But while there are some notable variations (and specific figures for Australia, such as 57 per cent of parents following their children on Facebook), what struck me was the evident levels of denial amongst many parents.

Nowhere is this clearer than in a single statistic: 17 per cent of parents "suspect their teens of accessing pornography on their PC". The only way I am prepared to believe that is if the other 83 per cent are certain their teens are accessing porn on their machines. No way is the actual usage (ahem) going to be that low.



    Remove their administrator rights from the PC, setup OpenDNS from your router's DHCP settings. Then you can track and also filter what sites they visit.

    Mobile devices will be effected by this setting also unless they use mobile data rather than WIFI.

    shut up and go to hell... give kids some privacy... how is this different then back in the old days where teens would bribe some old guy to buy them some dirty magazines... its not like you could stop that... let kids have at least one adult free haven to runaway to... everything in todays world is so censored... if something bad happens then people just have to deal with it!

      @Nicholas. From your spelling and grammar I gather you are one of the young kids. Why do you expect to be treated like an adult until you can act like one? I recently heard about a 16 year old being conned out of $5600 for an internet transaction. I guess he thought he knew it all and wouldn't bother asking an adult if it was OK.
      Believe it or not we adults were once kids just like you and we have learnt a thing or two since then.

      I think you're going down the right path, but I'd still want to educate them on healthy sexuality and make sure they understand the difference between porn & loving relationships. I wouldn't block access, but I might log the websites, maybe. Just to make sure they're sticking to the ethical stuff. Maybe.

        So you're saying you should visit porn websites as a family right? =)

      Isn't it getting close to your bedtime?

      Lol, how can you possibly compare a Playboy to what's available online. Sorry, my 13 year old will not have free roam in my house. Ranvens post above is spot on.

      @Nicolas, there's a big difference between a magazine featuring a bit of full frontal nudity, and an redtube video of a girl getting pounded in the ass by 3 guys consecutively then blowing them.

      I have no problem with my kids learning about sex and porn when they reach the right age, but I really don't want them wandering onto that kind of stuff when they're 13 or so, as I'm sure they will.

      What you need to understand is that children aren't real people, they're property. Yes, I'm saying that partially with tongue in cheek, but the truth is children don't get the same human rights and priviledges that real human beings (adults) get. They're not allowed to vote, even though kids probably know more about politics that we do. They're not entitled to privacy. Oh, it's "all for their own good", so the ends justify the means.

    I always thought that sex was sex.. when did it become something else.

      See Sam's post above...

    If you need a parental control for the iPhone/iPad, check out McGruff SafeGuard.

    McGruff “The Crime Dog” - Take A Bite Out of Crime - is well known in the US for family safety.

    They also have a Windows Parental Control system (
    McGruff SafeGuard released a Child Safe Browser app that is a look-alike for Safari, but provides a parent with full control of the categories of websites that can be visited.

    It also provides a summary of activity to the parent via email.

    Check out

    Saw you post this on Facebook yesterday.. yes, I am monitoring your Facebook usage... and I was surprised at how low the percentage was... surely parents can't be THAT naive.. can they? Have they forgotten what they were like at that age??

    Whenever people ask me what I do on the internet or even the computer I never know what to say really
    So I guess I don't know either

    With Anykeylogger's assistance parents can view logs of what children have done on the computer and even block some porn, violent sites, apps on computer.

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