Opena Doesn't Seem To Upset Airport Security

When I first heard about the Opena — an iPhone case that doubles as a bottle opener — last year, I had two reactions. The first: "Awesome." The second: "I wonder if you can get it through airline security in your hand luggage?" Last week, I decided to find out.

Bottle openers are one of those interesting items with airport security: if they've got a sharp end, you'll get busted if you try and to take one through, but they won't always get noticed. The Opena doesn't actually have an exposed sharp edge, so in theory it should be OK anyway, but you never know until you try. So last week I did.

I took the Opena on a flight to Melbourne and back, and put it in my hand luggage both times. I didn't put a phone in it, so if any observant airport type was looking for bottle opener shapes, it would have been obvious. But no-one stopped me. On both trips, it got through with no comment whatsoever.

This is good news: after all, you don't want to have to put your phone case into hand luggage. Beer, anyone?



    It really depends on the person watching the X-ray. And their supervisor. And what the airline wants. And if they've had a bad day.
    I know that at Brisbane Domestic, Qantas instructed security to not allow metal tipped umbrellas though into the sterile area. Virgin and Jetstar would let them through. Same sterile area, just different access points with different results.
    Also, I have made three return trips BNE↔SYD in the last three months and only on the last trip did a screener pick up the long-forgotten credit card blade ( ) in my wallet.
    It's really just luck of the draw.

    You cant compare the security level of a domestic and an international flight. Domestic flights have less stringent rules. Take water/liquid rules for example. Theyre allowed on domestic flights but not on internationals. Try taking an opena through a flight to the US (they have one of the strictest security checks) and let us know again how you go.

    I concur, I've flown both internationally and domestically in UK, Greece, U.A.E, U.S.A, Singapore, Australia, Hawaii (I know USA) and Hong Kong with the Opena in my carry on and it hasn't been a problem.

    I've been travelling with one since mine arrived straight from kickstarter. The only problem I have is I get the odd security person asking what it is and then asking where they can get one.

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