Not Many Bargains Left At The Dick Smith Sale

Not Many Bargains Left At The Dick Smith Sale

That much-discussed Dick Smith gaming sale has kicked off, but if you’re not already in a queue, your chances of scoring the really good bargains are slim. Alex at Gizmodo has the full story. [Gizmodo]


  • There was hardly any left when the stores opened. Staff had taken most of it. the store i went to had 3 xbox in stock., and this is a store in a busy shopping center.

  • Love it! Gaming community are so angry. They are always angry. Even if it was the sale of everyone’s dreams as the gamers hyped it up to be. They will still be angry. I think the staff should have first dibs, that’s why they work in the retail game. Especially after putting up with some of the rage i saw this morning coming from the community.

  • Recently spoke to a store owner (mate) and he has stated that there will be some sort of sale on 11 or 12 April. He wasn’t giving to much details about it but he did mention other items will be on sale though.

    I take this info with a little grain of salt because of what recently happened today.

  • Part of the problem was people thinking ‘everything’ was on sale. It was only specific items / SKU. Some of them would have been old revisions etc which were discontinued a couple of years ago.

  • @Jono
    I agree, people who work in Dick Smith should be able to buy out the store, sell on ebay and put a sign up before the store opens “We have sold out. Sorry for the inconvenience”. I think the most amusing thing of this sale is the amount of people who expected more honesty and civility in our society…truth is, if you were an employee you would do the same thing…shit I don’t deny it, I’d buy all the consoles, keyboards and mouses…sell them back out on ebay if I had first dibs =)

    • That’s what gets me, the absolute grating anger some people are expressing towards store staff members… I’d venture a guess they’re really only p*ssed off because they couldn’t do it themselves!

  • Most of the idiots at Ozbargain (yes, there are MANY idiots there, I agree) are furious because there weren’t several of each clearance item for anyone who wanted one. I guess big words like “clearance” just confuse them.

  • So, which branch of Dick Smith are you working at?

    And, uh while we are here – what’s your ebay nickname? So i can buy those games of you directly…

  • I faithfully got up at 0740, grabbed my coffee only to greet a DSE website warning that there was too much traffic. So what did I do? Started pressing refresh continuously. I wondered why at 0802 why I suddenly started getting a response. Did a search for Wii games and up came all the bargains – EVERY one of them bar 1 not available online. No wonder the site was quick, looks as though there was nothing cheap available online. Yeah, I was a bit pissed off but I got a grip.

  • Well I went to my local Dicksmiths to find no consoles, no keyboards and hardly any games. That seemed to be the case from 2 other stores at which my mates were at. The bit that annoys me is why have a sale if you dont have any stock to sell. Just lower the price and if a person is lucky enough so be it.

  • I work at a Dick Smith store. We had people lined up outside the door, I knew before the door opened that people would be disappointed in the stock availability purely because it was only selected lines, not all products in gaming. One customer brought a pile of the new xbox live subscription cards to the counter presuming they were the ones discounted (despite the fact that on the leaked internal list, it clearly stated a different product code). Also note, LEAKED list. Not for people outside the business. Whoever leaked that silly document has done harm to the business in my opinion.

    I’m sorry that people didn’t get what they wanted, but key word – clearance.

  • Went to my local DSE at about 2:30 this afternoon and picked up 12 games at $1 each, had no issues getting stock. It wasn’t an advertised sale the sales assistant said, they were just getting rid of stock they didnt want (which they do all the time).

  • Bad analogy. What if you went to a pub to get a week old steak they were throwing out for cheap, only to be told sorry, there was limited steak and you didn’t get one.

  • if apple store staff did that, they would all be rich now! and hey maybe ipad would sell for $2000 each, awesome but thank you it didn’t happen at apple.

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