No Yelling App Helps You Prepare For Driving Tests

Actually learning to drive requires real-world practice, but getting your L plates requires you to pass a computerised test first. Driving school No Yelling offers iPhone and Android apps to help learners in Queensland practise for their learners test.

The state distinction is worth noting: while a large percentage of the rules are the same, passing the computerised test requires fairly exact knowledge, so I wouldn't be using this if you live elsewhere. It's a sensible idea, though, and makes for a useful adjunct to the online testing apps offered in many states, since you can easily run through the sample tests on your phone.

Know of a similar mobile app for other states? Share it in the comments.

No Yelling


    The NSW RTA has a similar App:

    Hey Angus, thanks for the shoutout, we're looking to expand the reach of our app to NSW, VIC and WA in the next 6 weeks. Will keep you posted.

    Good stuff!!

    The NSW RTA one is just a link to the desktop web practise DKT though. Can't really fault it, but as an app is pretty underwhelming.

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