Nine’s 3D Olympics Is A Daytime-Only Affair

Nine’s 3D Olympics Is A Daytime-Only Affair

We learned recently that Nine would be offering 3D broadcasts during the Olympics, but it turns out that we won’t be going goggle-eyed in prime time. The 3D transmissions will start at 11am, and finish by 4pm each day.

Picture by Megan Eaves

TV Tonight reports that there are no timing restrictions in the ACMA deal, but Nine has evidently chosen not to force 3D viewers in prime-time viewing hours to make a choice, and concentrate on after-the-fact 3D broadcasts on its dedicated channel. The time difference from London means that evening events won’t show until the early hours of the morning here in any case. I suspect more people will be keen on the HD simulcasts than 3D broadcasts.

Are you keen to see 3D Olympics, or does it seem like a pointless gimmick? Tell us in the comments.

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  • As long as i get HD sport i dont care. if its as bad as the cricket this summer somebody will need to loose there job. 3D is a nice bonus but there isnt that much being filmed in 3D ill watch it in 3D but if i see a black and white movie on gem when channel nine is showing the Olympics i will scream

  • I think once the hype and ‘gimmick/not-gimmick’ conversations end and 3D is simply offered as an alternative viewing platform then it will be adopted without fail. To view anything involving space a,d depth perception (outdoor sports is actually ideal ) it is an improved viewing position, no question. But in Australia it’s such a tall poppie/what-do-we-need-that-for debate that the debate is what’s pointless. And also given that anyone who bought a new TV within the last year would very likely have a 3D capable tv (simply because they’ve been the better bargain in many cases) I think it’s a kind of backward insanity that we’re beginning to be known for not to simply broadcast the whole thing in 3D.

  • 3d would be great! I don’t understand the people who think its pointless (unless they don’t have a 3D tv) We need more media broadcast in 3D

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