NetSpeedMonitor Keeps Your Network Activity In The Taskbar

NetSpeedMonitor Keeps Your Network Activity In The Taskbar

Windows: If you’re worried that some application may be eating into your bandwidth in the background, or you just want to keep closer tabs on the bandwidth your computer is using, NetSpeedMonitor is a handy systray utility that lives in your taskbar. It shows you active upload and download speeds, which applications are using your network connection and what their endpoints are.

There are plenty of tools that will tap your network connection so you can keep an eye on it, but NetSpeedMonitor doesn’t require additional drivers, and it integrates perfectly with Windows, running quietly in the background while you do other things. Your up/down speeds are shown in the taskbar, and you can right-click on the app at any time to see which running programs are using your connection — useful for rooting out a rogue app that’s sending data even when everything is supposed to be shut down.

The app is also useful if you’re worried about how much bandwidth you’re using. Even though it can only report on one connection on one computer, if you do most of your browsing on that one system, it can give you an idea of how much data you’re consuming every day, week or month.

NetSpeedMonitor isn’t exactly new, but it is useful. Plus, it’s completely free. It’s available for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Server 2003 and Windows 7, and it comes in both 32-bit and 64-bit flavours. Used it before? Have an alternative? Let us know your preferred app in the comments below.

NetSpeedMonitor [ via Tekzilla Daily]


  • Not bad, I used a similar app when I was running the old dial up. Pity you can’t turn off the annoying donate popup without paying for it.

    • As I suspected, it does not distinguish between LAN and Internet traffic. DUMeter does, that is why I paid for it. If you have a single PC and an Internet connection, you will have no problem with this program. However, if you have more than one PC at home (or try this at work), it will count transfers on your local LAN as well as your internet use and has no way to separate the two. So your bandwidth history in this program will in no way reflect what you have uploaded or downloaded over the Internet (which is 99% of all users requirements).

      So far I have not found a free piece of software that can split LAN traffic from Internet traffic.

      • Distinguishing between LAN and Internet traffic means reading every single packet for their destination IP. And that use a lot of CPU resource.

        Try BitMeter, it has a work around called Surge Protection which simply ignore traffic with extremely high speed (many times faster than your Internet connection).

      • You can use networx for this.
        It’s an older app but it does the same thing, and it has a fast option to split lan and internet traffic provided it’s only watching one network adapter.

      • Thanks for the recommendations, I havent tried Bitmeter but have tried Networx. I am fairly certain the last time I used Networx, it did not distinguish LAN traffic from Internet traffic. I will give both a try and see how I go.

        • Ok, so to save other people’s time, I have tried Bitmeter and Networx.

          Bitmeter does not discriminate LAN from Internet properly, they use a thing which filters out all fast connections, but if you have a 100mb cable internet connection and a slow NAS box. You may find it impossible to properly filter your LAN traffic out if it isnt that fast.

          Networx can discriminate LAN from internet traffic but only through a 3rd party program called winpcap and this is a horrible PC performance crippling program. So please avoid unless you dont mind the drain.

          So it is back to forking out $20 for DUmeter which can discriminate properly without a noticable performance drop…

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