MySites For Chrome Transforms The New Tab Page Into A Metro-Inspired Speed Dialler

Chrome: If Chrome's built-in new tab page looks a little plain to you, or if you like the look of Microsoft's Metro UI, MySites is a Chrome extension that changes the new tab page into a start page decorated with a search bar and tiles that take you straight to your favourite sites.

Once installed, you can set up the tiles any way you like. Just like the default new tab pages, you can have separate screens for your Chrome apps and extensions, favourites, or just frequently visited pages. Clicking the left and right arrows gives you more screens to spread out on. The sizes of the blocks relate directly to the frequency of your visits to that site, so sites you browse all the time will show up large and bright.

The only downside we found to MySites is that the search bar that's built in to the pages uses the "MyStart" search engine, which looks like it's just an affiliate front end for Google. There's no way to just set it to Google or any other search engine, so that's a bit of a bummer. Still, you can set your favourite engine as a tile, or just use Chrome's omnibar, so it's not that big of a deal. Have you tried MySites, or do you have another favourite tool to customise Chrome's new tab pages? Let us know in the comments below.

MySites [Chrome Web Store via Addictive Tips]


    Giving it a try now. So far i would prefer if it opened the tiles in the current tab rather than opening a new one. Other than that looking good so far.

    This is just a copy of this guy's work.

    Apparently he's had to change the license on it because were taking his work and making out like it was their own.

      MS should give flatmo some cashola and get him to do something with IE9's New Tab screen. Good (not great) browser that could use some pizzazz - and it'd help get people used to Metro.

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