My Shout Lets You Share Actual Drinks Via Your iPhone

There are plenty of phone apps to help you locate bars to drink in, but not too many that let you actually buy the drinks. My Shout is an Australian-developed app that lets you select drinks, nominate friends from your contacts you plan to share them with, pay for them via PayPal, and then collect them at the bar by showing your phone to the bartender.

There's a few obvious uses for this: you could organise the first round of drinks before arriving; send drinks to friends if you can't make it to a celebratory event; order while seated and then collect drinks as each person wants their next round; or pre-order

My Shout is a free download for iOS only. Right now, it's limited to a handful of venues in Sydney, but the developers say they hope to expand to other cities in the future. If you give it a try, tell us about it in the comments.

MyShout [iTunes Store]


    Or.... you could stroll up to the bar and pay for a round of drink for your mates using hard currency / some kind of debit/credit card, instantly?

      Get into the city mate, one that is rocking. Then tell us to just walk up and pay. Some places I've been to are three deep at the bar.

    I sent this idea to Medl Mobile 2 years ago, they reckoned there were to many similar apps but this is the first one I've seen in that time.

    is there a dedicated line for the myshout app at the bar? you'd still have to line up 3 deep equipped with the phone waiting for others to pay at the bar?

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