Microsoft Security Essentials Updates With Better Performance

Microsoft Security Essentials is our favourite antivirus software for Windows, and a new version is out that's even lighter and easier to use than ever. Here's what's changed.

MSE veterans won't notice a lot of huge changes in this version, but certain interface elements have changed slightly — the icons along the top are gone, and certain words have changed a bit to make the program easier to use. The "Real-Time Protection" setting is now an all-or-nothing checkbox, and SpyNet has been renamed to the Microsoft Active Protection Service to make a bit clearer what it actually does. Microsoft has also baked in some performance improvements and better detection powers.

Microsoft Security Essentials is a free download for Windows only. You can get the new version through Windows Update, or on its home page at the link below.

Microsoft Security Essentials 4 [via @PionnerelmORocs]


    Hopefully they have fixed the issue where MSE will eat up 50% of the cpu during an active file scan and some cases of high memory usage.

      You do realise that's a setting you can change, with 50% being default...

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