Maps, Flags And Souvenirs: The Traveller’s Workspace

Maps, Flags And Souvenirs: The Traveller’s Workspace

We previously learned that the key to effective home design is a nice arrangement of collections and images that are important to you. Today’s featured workspace is a great example, offering travel maps on the walls and a collections of souvenirs.

Everything else is pretty simple. The desk is this nice and inexpensive MICKE desk from IKEA, a pair of LaCie Speakers, a MacBook with Apple’s Bluetooth keyboard and trackpad, and a pen. Simple, nice and personalised.

The Extracurricular Home Office [Apartment Therapy Tech]


  • Another workspace where little actual work is likely to be done… All Scando / IKEA catalogue staging aside… Poor lighting, ergonomically inappropriate furniture and little if any workload orientated facilities (trays/folders/holders…well anything suggesting work process really) would suggest that the most advanced actual activity at that desk would be paying some online bills. Also, is that chained pen one of the ‘souvenirs’?

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