Keep Your Plants Warm With A Bucket Of Water

Now that we're heading towards winter, you maybe worried that your plants won't do so well on those cold nights. This tip will help keep them comfortable during the day and warm at night, and all you need is a few buckets of water.

The trick is simple: just place some buckets near the plants you want to keep warm, and fill them with warm water. Over the course of the day, the water will be warmed (or stay warm) by the sun, assuming your garden gets good sunlight (which we hope it does!) and after the sun goes down, the buckets of water will slowly cool over the course of the evening, radiating heat so your plants to stay nice and toasty as the air temperature drops.

Easy, simple, and your garden will thank you. Have you used this trick in your garden, or do you have a different method to keep your fledgling plants comfortable during those winter nights? Let's hear them in the comments below.

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    You should probably cover the buckets to stop evaporation.

      Wouldn't covering the buckets stop the water from sucking up maximum heat?

    Shame about the mossies that will breed in the water!

      No, the sun can still enter through transparent coverings, or could be absorbed even better by dark coverings. Evaporation/condensation do not add heat in a measurable way. Evaporation will however remove a measurable amount of heat, especially in wind.

      Sorry, above comment was for Liraniel.
      But covering the bucket would also stop mosquitoes.

    Maybe re-purpose some empty water fountain bottles (the big clear ones) from the office, add a little bleach to the water to stave off anything growing in there, seal it, and bury the bottom third (the roots are where the plan feels the cold too, it's true, they told me so...).

      Now THAT seems like a good idea! If you bung a tiny hole in the bottom with a pin, you could also water the plant easily.

        Just don't put bleach in there if you want to water the plant

          Unless you planted carrots and want parsnips.

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