Keep Your Paid Gmail Or Picasa Storage Plan For Cheap Google Drive Storage

If you paid for extra Google storage space (shared across Gmail, Google Docs and Picasa) before the company introduced Google Drive on April 24, you're in luck. That move gets you a huge discount on its new file storage tool Google Drive.

When Google introduced Google Drive, the company increased some of the free storage limits. Now instead of 7GB+ of Gmail, users have 10GB. Instead of 1GB allowed for uploaded Google Docs, you have 5GB of free storage in Google Drive.

That is, unless you paid for extra storage before April 24.

Last year I had paid for an extra 20GB of space for $US5, and yesterday I found 25GB of storage space in Google Drive instead of 5GB — a nice surprise. Under the new plan, 25GB of Google Drive storage space would cost $US2.49 a month. (For comparison's sake, Dropbox's lowest plan, for 50GB, costs $US9.99 a month and 30GB of SugarSync space costs $US4.99 a month.)

If you had paid for extra Google storage too, you can keep your old plan and this extra Google Drive storage space by keeping your account active and not upgrading or cancelling your current plan. Otherwise, you'll be switched to the new Google storage plan, which is much less attractive if you do the maths (see the pricing structure comparison at Google below).

Are you enjoying the extra storage space too?

Old storage plans vs. new storage plans [Google via Engadget]


    I'll have to check mine as I had also bought the additional storage (and have had it for a few years). However what will happen when your renewal comes around? Will you lose the GDrive extra storage or will you always have the extra storage?

      "Google storage plans have changed, but you can stay on your current plan as long as you:

      Keep your account active
      Keep payment information in Google Wallet accurate and up-to-date
      Don’t cancel or upgrade your current plan

      If your account lapses, your credit card is declined, or you choose to change your storage plan in any way (upgrade or downgrade), you’ll be switched to the new Google storage plan."

    My payment was charged on the 25th, the day after Drive was released. I though about cancelling it last week when I got the reminder email and migrating to skydrive. So glad I didn't.

    $5 for 20gb per year (negligible cost) from Gdrive
    25gb for free from skydrive (legacy user)
    14gb for free from dropbox (and I have plenty more referrals to fill)

    good times for cloud storage :)

    Got email my annual payment for picassa was rejected,checked with bank no such request was made for payment,links did not work says I changed my password 45 days ago which I did not,not ,reset seemingly does not work via email,live chat typing letters on screen was also a joke,typing this thru google chrome which is installed but not my homepage what gives need toll free phone number also says this is being submitted in duplicate?

    Same thing with my account. After several emails to wallet support and drive support they said that my storage was not set to auto renew. Still can't find that setting. There slogan is don't be evil, not don't be greedy

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