Juice Isn't Always A Sugar Bomb

Juice sometimes gets a bad rap for being loaded with sugar and masquerading as a healthy choice when it's secretly bad for you. While sugar isn't really ever great for you, ABC News points out that the right kind of juice can still be a healthy option:

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There's a big difference between 100 per cent juice and a bottle of sugar water with a few cranberries squeezed into it. Yes, juice has a lot of the sweet stuff, but a six-ounce glass of 100 per cent juice also counts as a full serving of fruit and delivers many of the same vitamins and antioxidants, making it worth the occasional sugar rush, says Jessica Ganzer, R.D., owner of Ganzer Wellness Consulting in Arlington, Virginia. And it can be the easiest way to get a superfood: Drinking 100 per cent pomegranate juice is easy; picking apart a real pomegranate, not so much. As long as you drink 100 per cent juice (from concentrate is fine) and limit yourself to one six-to-eight ounce glass a day, you're not breaking any rules of good nutrition.

So there you have it. If your juice is actually juice and you drink it in moderation, you're not destined for trouble.

7 Diet Myths Exposed [ABC News]


    "So there you have it. If your juice is actually juice and you drink it in moderation, you’re not destined for trouble."

    What a load of tripe. Some evidenced based research would be a good thing, dont you think? Pretty poor me thinks...

      But T-Dog! How much more proof can you get?!? Some chick who owns a business said so! Scientific process? pfft, waste of time.

    the problem is that you might drink "5 apples" in one serving bottle- you would be full if you actually ate 5 apples... but because you drink it it's harder to not load up on other foods as well.

    Of course, MODERATION is key not banning or gluttoning.

    As someone who used to consume more than two litres of juice in a day, i can tell you that the 'sugar' rush isn't half as bad as the dental consequences. Especially if you drink juices with high acidity like I did (read: OJ).


    If I want to read an article titled "7 Diet Myths Exposed", I can go to Women's Health magazine or any of the other overhyped 'health' productions going around. Juice from concentrate is NOT fine.

    Also, any food that isn't a leafy green shouldn't be referred to as a 'superfood'.

    I realised what BS this was when they started talking about "superfoods"

    The problem, especially in health and fitness, is that so many people spout off statements of what's "good" and what's "bad" without using a standard base for comparison. You hear "juice is bad" all the time, but the truth is juice is bad *compared to eating the fruit whole*. But juice is good compared to a coke or a glass of cordial.

    The "juice is bad" matra was only meant to be directed at people who replace their 10 cans of coke a day with 10 glasses of juice a day not realising that they're not really making as big a difference as they could if they reduced down to say 1 can of coke, 1 glass of juice and 8 glasses of water. BTW this hypothetical cok/juice drinker must be going to the toilet a LOT.

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