iSleepWell Puts Your iPhone In Flight Mode When Faced Down

iOS (Jailbroken): The iPhone's Airplane Mode is a great way to conserve battery life, block notifications and temporarily shut your phone down from incoming messages. However, it's not easy to flip on and off on a whim. iSleepWell is a jailbreak tweak that automatically initiates Aeroplane Mode when you put the phone face down.

The tweak is simple but incredibly handy. When you're getting ready to go to bed, watch a movie, or if you're in the middle of a good conversation, flip the phone on its face and it automatically triggers Airplane Mode. This means you won't get any incoming alerts for phone calls, text messages or push notifications from apps. When you flip the phone back over it returns to normal.

It doesn't do much else, but it's a simple way to get a little peace and quiet now and again. It's a 99¢ download you can find in the Big Boss Repository in Cydia by searching for iSleepWell.

iSleepWell [Big Boss Repository via iClarified]


    Will you receive missed calls and messages after you turn the phone back over?

    I am unsure about this, if only for my lack of knowledge on the positional sensors within the device. When in your pocket, is the slight tilt forwards enough to trigger this?

    That aside, this is a brilliant idea, and I'd be looking forward to seeing something similar implemented on a further variety of devices.

      Yeah it does seem to trigger in your pocket :(

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