Is This The Best Way To Store Binder Clips?

We love our binder clips here at Lifehacker. Can you guess what they're being stored in here?

If you answered "in the stomach of a 12kg Gummy Bear", you're correct. Over at Gizmodo, Alex has many more demonstrations of what you can do with this evil candy monstrosity.

What Can You Hold In A 12Kg Gummy Bear? [Gizmodo]


    I think you're missing the word 'Where' at the start of the title :)

      Not, it would be the word 'what'...

      Unless, of course, you were expecting an answer like "Just south of Berkenshire, near Cumley Barracks - that's where you'll find the best way to store your binder clips."

      could be missing the word "this" - is this the best way?

    "Is The Best Way To Store Binder Clips?"

    Fragment, consider revising.

    No "Where" should about right.

    After all there has to be a hundred better uses for a 12kg gummy bear than storing binder clips.

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