Identify What’s A Steal And What’s Junk At Discount Shops

Identify What’s A Steal And What’s Junk At Discount Shops

Only $1? At your local Hot Dollar or Reject Shop, that item may really be a great bargain — or it could be a bad buy that’s too good to be true. Here are the deals to pick up at the discount stores, and the ones to pass on.

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Most of the items that Forbes points out as great buys at the discount store are single-use or disposable items (we’ve previously noted that paper cleaning supplies are just as good at the dollar store): paper plates and party decorations, for example, as well as seasonal items that will hold up for one or two seasons. Likewise, children’s colouring books and activity books are a great buy — you can often get a bunch in a bundle for $1.

On the flip side, Forbes warns against buying health-related items at the discount stores, such as vitamins or toothpaste. It’s best to buy your food, toys, electrical cords and anything that might raise safety concerns elsewhere (though goods which don’t meet minimum standards shouldn’t actually be on sale in Australia at all).

For more tips on what to pick up at the discount stores, check out the full article below, or share your own bargain shopping tricks with us in the comments.

Are Dollar Stores Really a Bargain? [Forbes]


  • Angus- I see you’ve craftily added a sentence to make this Aussie specific- but I would change it to 2$ shops… as I hardly ever see a 1$ shop here- but maybe that’s not an Australia wide experience?

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