Icon Badger Provides Favicon Notifications On Pinned Tabs

If you like to pin your tabs in Chrome you may have noticed that you usually lose new item notifications that several sites such as Gmail, Facebook and others add to the page title. With Chrome extension Icon Badger many of these notifications are moved to the favicon so you can know when your favourite sites are updated even when their tabs are pinned.

The only caveat to keep in mind is that not every site with notifications is supported in Icon Badger. As of this post it works with Facebook, GetGlue, Gmail, Google Reader, Landgrab.net, Pinboard.in, Twitter and Tumblr.

Icon Badger [via Addictive Tips]


    Gmail has a labs feature which does this -- "Unread message icon".

      Yes, but the difference is this extension works for multiple sites, and at least this extension keeps the badges looking consistent, instead of a black number on Gmail, a yellow badge for Google Reader if you're using the Reader Plus extension, etc etc.

      Glad this is released, I've a Firefox to Chrome convertee and I've been dying for an extension like the Tab Badge addon in FF.

    google chrome actually has this built in, but its hardly noticeable.
    instead of a showing a number, when youve got a notification, the tab glows from right to left.
    but this is definitely a welcome addition

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