How To Keep Your Hand From Getting Crushed During A Handshake

We all know that one guy that shakes your hand with the jaws of death and tries to crunch your bones just for fun. You can keep your hand intact by touching their wrist with your index finger.

Photo by D. Hendrix.

Touching the inside of their wrist with your finger helps align your knuckles in a way that won't crush them when they start to squeeze really hard. Of course, if someone's squeezing your hand too hard, they're probably doing it on purpose, so you should call them out on their tomfoolery. If they're particularly annoying, however, this trick should help save your bones from grinding into dust. Hit the link to read more.

LPT: Move Your Index Finger & Joe Burly Can't Crush Your Hand [Reddit]


    Careful. If it's a freemason, you might be giving them a sign.

    Or you could spend a little time lifting weights each day then once your stronger you could crush their hand ??? that might be a little more satisfying .....

      Because lifting weights really strengthens your hands...

        It does. Grip strength.

    I'm a martial arts practitioner and as part of an escape from an offensive hand shake grip it is recommended to simply straighten your index finger - this engages the tendon connected to your index knuckle effectively creating a support for your three knuckles to brace against.

    There is more you do after this but it's not really relevant ^.^

      Such as this?

    I have a brother who does this, he thinks it gives him some kind of authority by making the other person wince. Every time he does it to me I just point out how inadequate he is.

      that'll teach him.

      Well, you could always kick him in the nards, but then he'd really be inadequate..! :)

    if some dude toched his finger to my wrist i would think he was gay

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