How To Apply For A Job That Doesn’t Exist

How To Apply For A Job That Doesn’t Exist

It’s difficult enough finding a good job to apply for, but if you’re really struggling to find something that fits, the Wired How-To Wiki has put together a set of tips to help you apply for a tech job that can be applied across a variety of different disciplines.

Start by looking for the missing gap at any company you want to work for. Think of skills you have that companies might not be making good use of like Social Media Manager or Cloud Administrator. When you find a gap you think you can fill, pitch yourself and the new job title to a project lead or HR representative.

The trick is convincing them the position is relevant, so be prepared to show examples of how your made-up job works at other companies, work samples of your own, and offer a trial service if they need more convincing.

Wired’s guide is geared towards tech positions, but it could work in a variety of jobs. Hit up the link below for the full set of tips, and be sure to sound off in the comments if you’ve ever created your own position at a company.

Apply for a Tech Position That Doesn’t Exist [Wired How-To Wiki]


  • If I see somebody with ‘social media’ in their job title, I assume they don’t have a real job, any qualifications, or any knowledge of what they want to do.

    It’s where ‘web developer’ was back in the late 90’s. There are probably some genuinely skilled people out there, but most just think ‘I’m great at facebook, somebody should pay me for this.’

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