How Qantas' New International Baggage Rules Work

Qantas is tightening baggage allowances on its international flights, reducing the number of checked bags you can take on most flights to just one. Here's what you need to know.

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The table below (click for a bigger version) details all the shifts. As has always been the case, you can't have any single item weighing more than 32kg, even if you pay excess baggage charges. And as usual, frequent flyers and Qantas Club (QC) members get a higher allowance.

Note that the rules only apply to international flights; domestic flights have a different policy, and one that already usually only offers one bag unless you're a high-tier frequent flyer. According to Qantas, 70 per cent of its customers only travel with a single checked bag on international flights.

Qantas' rule changes follow a similar recent shift by Virgin with its domestic baggage policy. Paying for excess baggage at the airport costs big bucks, so plan carefully and don't take what you don't need. As ever, travelling just with hand luggage saves time and hassle, but requires even more meticulous planning.


    The use of the word "tightening" isn't really appropriate. From what I can see, Qantas is being A LOT more generous with their baggage allowance.

    The thrust of the article should be about it's new increased allowance and not really about the "tightening" of the number of bags you can take on.

      what? I think you have the columns confused. The old limits went up to 64kg, the new limits do not exceed 32kg. The old limits also went from 2 to any number of bags, the new limits go from 1 to 3 bags.

      The only place that anything has increased on that chart is the number of bags for business/first class, from 2 to now 3. Everything else is either reduced, same or has gone from no limit to having a limit

        Some groups are more limited in the number of bags they can bring on, but the total weight allowed hasn't dropped for anybody.

        For example: Premium economy platinum used to be able to bring as many bags as they want within a total weight limit of 64kg. Now they can only bring 3 bags, but have a total weight limit of 96kg - an extra 50%.

    So if I'm travelling to America with qantas from Perth, as there is a domestic flight involved also, what are the baggage allowances? Do they carry over?

      As long as it's the same ticket/booking you'll get the higher allowance (the international one) for the whole trip.

    Another reason to not fly Qantas.. I get 2+ bags at 23kg each with other airlines.. and last time I brought back 6 bags of carry on between two people (so effectively 3 bags even though that particular airline had a 2 bag policy).

    Qantas are also crap on service and basically have left me with a bad impression on every international flight I've flown on with them. Other airlines, while not perfect and have their own good and bad have always, and I really mean always, left me with a feeling of "valued customer" at the end of each flight.

    I used to always fly Qantas.. not sure why.. but I expect better from airlines than Qantas has been "consistently" unable to deliver, year in, year out.

    Will they be addressing the theft of and from bags? Those baggage handlers are notoriously light fingered [email protected]

      Bahahahhahaha you're funny, try going to some of the dodgier countries in the world, people don't check their bags out of legitimate fear. Seriously, I've flown tons of times and never had more than some condensation on my bag, let alone stolen items.

    Yeah, they way I read it the conditions have become much more generous for basically everyone, and in weight terms, haven't gone backwards for anyone. The only "losers" are bronze economy, who have gone from unlimited bags up to 23kg, to 1 back to 23kg. Everyone else has had their weight limit increased significantly - unless I am missing something?

    As a bronze ff, I would consider using another airline once the new baggage rules come into force. I am flying back to the UK tomorrow, with my usual two bags to check -in, totalling about 20 kgs. Spreading the weight over two bags enables me to manage my luggage at either end of my trip without being overwhelmed by one bag of ridiculous weight (I use a back pack, and a small wheeled suitcase). For reasons of logistics, I can't believe I'm the only economy flyer who finds the new rules extremely irritating.

    I was on a US trip last year and my baggage allowance exceeded than what was minimal required before they charge you. (I had 5 big luggages) Qantas was nice enough to not charge me that day, had they not I would be out of pocket for over $150.

    Thank you Qantas.

    Qantas are totally inadequate for sportspeople, wont fly with them again as often have to carry surfboard or climbing gear etc..

    I will be making a return flight to Melbourne going from San Francisco to LA to Melbourne. I am in economy. I noticed on the chart that it says for South/North America the allowance is 2 pieces at 23 kg EACH. But all other international (economy) it's just one piece at 23 kg. Is this correct? So, since I'm flying out from LA to Melbourne (economy with the ticket booked beforeMay 2nd) does this mean I get to check in 2 bags at 23kg ?? And if so, why then have they discriminated against the other (non AMERICAS) travellers (Economy) who only get 1 item at 23 kg? Your clarification here is very much appreciated.


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