Get The Garlic Or Onion Smell Off Your Hands By Rubbing Them With A Spoon

While many of us may love the smell and taste of garlic, it loses its allure when it's all over your own hands. Here's a simple way to get that smell off.

This actually works with both garlic and onions. All you need to do is rub your hands with a stainless steel spoon under cold water, as if the spoon were soap. In fact, you can buy metal soap bars for this very purpose, but why would you purchase one of those when you have such an abundance of stainless steel nearby?

When you're done, your hands should lose most of that smell and you can wash them with real soap to get them lemony fresh.

LPT: Wash your hands while rubbing them on a stainless steel spoon to get rid of the smell of garlic. [Reddit]


    So, remind me once again, what's wrong with proper soap?

    My own experience? It doesn't work.
    Anyone remember the water bottles on the lawn in the late 80s?

    James 2nd

      My experience is that it does work, but I experimented with SS soap and Mum's SS cutlery and the SS sink and only the SS soap worked well.
      Obviously there are a myriad of different SS blends.. Whatever type it is they make SS soap from, works better than the sink or (Mum's, 1970s) cutlery

    proper soap doesn't really get the smell out as much. with the stainless steel it's more to do with the reaction between the odour from the garlic/onion and the metal. But rubbing your hands on the sink does the same thing!!

    I wish there was some kind of scientific explanation as to why it works. Without it, it just seems like another old wives tale.

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