Fill Out This Daily Checklist To Avoid Neglecting Your Personal Needs

When you're busy, it's easy to forget about your basic needs. You might find yourself skipping a meal, neglecting exercise or spending too little time socialising. To keep yourself on task, here's a checklist to keep you from neglecting the things you need to do every day.

Last week we put together a daily personal inventory form to help you track potential problems in your everyday life so that you can correct them. Part of the problem, however, is remembering to take care of many of your basic needs. As a supplement, I've put together a checklist for keeping track of those basics. You can download it as a Word DOC and RTF file or just follow these instructions to add it to your Google Docs account:

  1. Visit the checklist Google Doc page.
  2. From the File menu (in Google Docs), choose "Make a copy".
  3. Name that copy and save it to your Google Docs account.

That's all you have to do. The checklist will remind you to eat and drink regularly, get in your daily physical activity, and set aside some time for social activities and relaxation. You'll also be able to add any additional items that are specific to you. It seems silly to think that we'd forget these things, but it happens often when life gets filled with too many things. If you're neglecting the basics, keep this checklist handy every day and get in the habit of ticking those boxes. Even a tiny little reward like that can make it easier to remember the little things you need every day.


    What about "attending to personal hygiene"?

    How hopeless would you have to be to actually need this checklist? Hopeless enough to be reminded to bathe, apply deodorant, and brush your hair, natch!

    Geezuz Christ. Has it come to this that to lifehack I need a freakin checklist reminding me to sleep and shower.

    FFS you need help if you think you need this list. I am sure somewhere a dead psychologist is rolling in their grave over this modern day atrocity.

    PS) life is already too full of lists. Sounds like a list for OCD sufferers.

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