Facebook Offers Puts Coupons In Your News Feed For The Pages You Like

Facebook Offers Puts Coupons In Your News Feed For The Pages You Like

Facebook just launched a new feature that lets businesses that you’ve “liked” post coupons to your news feed. Undoubtedly trying to get in on the success of sites like Groupon, Facebook’s second venture into the social deals craze (remember Facebook Deals? No?) makes it easy to get coupons for business you like to frequent.

After liking a business on Facebook, they can post deals to their page — just like they would any status update — and you’ll see them in your news feed. You can claim the deals at any time, and either print it out or just bring your smartphone into the business to get your discount.

“Injecting coupons into your news feed” sounds like an annoying advertising scheme, but I’m waiting to see how this one plays out before I start complaining. It looks like deals are just another post type that get funneled into your news feed, which means if you want to hide them from ever showing up, you probably can. And if I’m already following my favourite burger place or tech company on Facebook, why wouldn’t I want to get a few deals out of it?

The feature’s just rolling out now, so you won’t see a lot of deals just yet — but depending on how customisable the experience is, this may not be all that bad of a feature. Check out the video above to see more.

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  • I’m not sure why this needs to be an official feature. Companies can just as easily put a special deal in an ordinary update.

    It is useless for me either way… I was forced to unlike all the companies I previously liked because they posted too many updates and were overwhelming my actual friends in my news feed.

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