Dropbox Offers Up To 16GB Free

Dropbox has expanded its invitation program so that you can now get up to 16GB of free online storage. Each invitation you send to a friend that is accepted will add another 500MB to your default free allocation of 2GB. And they're honouring past invitations as well.



    Somehow they have stuffed up - mine says 20.2 gig but whos complaining

    I still think "Box" is a better deal for non business types. Fifty Gb free. Only commercial organisations need pay.

      With box.net, i don't think you can batch download files right? AT least with the free account.

        Correct, that's a deal breaker for me, have an account but I'm not going to be using it any time soon because of that.

    Unfortunately, referrals for student accounts (which were double already) haven't increased.

    Oh, and you already posted this last week:

    Someone want to shoot me an invite. I've been meaning to get Dropbox, and might as well give someone free quota.

      Name above dot Khadka at gmail dot com

    Managed to get 3 family members signed up over easter

    If anyone is singing up, use this link as a referal and we both get extra space!


      ... oh wait, did you mean *signing* up? ;)

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