Don't Hold Your Breath Waiting For The IKEA TV

IKEA's announcement of plans to release a TV and entertainment system integrated into a piece of furniture has garnered heaps of coverage. However, those devices won't hit markets outside of Europe until 2013.

The Uppleva range, which incorporates a built-in Blu-ray player and speakers as well as the T, is hitting a handful of European countries in June, and is said to be reaching IKEA's other markets in 2013. Whether IKEA will want to produce TV hardware specifically for Australia is an open question, though that should largely be a question of the power supply.

While the idea of hiding away cables is tempting, I'd tend to shy away from this kind of integrated solution, since the furniture is less flexible if you decide to get a different TV (or the hardware breaks down). What do you think?


    It looks lovely, but you hit the nail on the head. Integrated solutions are at the mercy of their weakest link. That, coupled with the fact that the furniture designs are limited, doesn't make for a "must-have" item for me. However IKEA seems to be able to produce amazing prices by the genius that goes into their packing and shipping, meaning that this unit could be very price competitive for what it is, and could be a boon for hotels, or other multi-unit companies.

    I do like some iKea furniture, can't say I'd be buying this though. I can see the appeal for certain market segments - eg those with small apartments, moving out of home for the first time, or less tech-savvy consumers, less demanding consumers. I reckon my mum would get a kick out this unit just because it looks simple. And watching that video, the whole way through it spruiks how there are no cables - but in the middle of the video briefly they do say they're "hidden" in that little square conduit holding up the TV. Basically my setup is a TV on an ikea entertainment unit, with the cables tucked behind the TV stand. Same effect, I can't see any cables and get to choose my own panel, amp, speeakers etc (and point made in the article - easy to change/upgrade components as needs and wants change). Still, good on ikea for thinking of something a little different!

    Cool! Now they can replace those plastic mockups of old TV's in their stores everywhere!
    Also I hope the manual/instructions will look exactly like the ones you get when putting together an IKEA cupboard haha. Put HDMI (A) into slot (F). Then screw power cable (B) to parts (D,E).
    Use remote (Z) to turn on after hitting powerbutton (1)

    Everyone makes fun of the Uppleva kids. Even I do. I just hate them so much

    This thing is so cool! As tech savvy as one can be, if you don't have big bucks there isn't much market to explore. If the price tag will be in line with the other products, this is gonna be a biggy. And with 5 years guarantee...hard to beat!

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