DIY Two-Sided Flash Drive Keeps Your Files Organised, Saves You Space

If you carry around more than one flash drive with you — maybe you want to keep your work and personal files separate, or maybe one of them is a bootable Linux drive — this DIY double-sided drive will save you a bit of space and keep your flash drives in one convenient package.

This project is very simple, but you end up with something that's pretty cool and works well (as long as you don't need both drives at once). All you need is the innnards from two flash drives (which are easy to get and don't require any crazy un-wiring), and a new case to glue them both in. Check out the Instructable for detailed steps on how to create a case, and see the video below for a look at the finished product.

Double-Ended USB Flash Drive [Instructables]


    Now, that's a neat idea! I'll probably use Sugru instead, cos I've got some still sitting around and approaching the use-by date!

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